Ok so the Spring/Summer lines are in and there has been a massive influx of pastel love. Personally i think pastels are timeless and a beautiful touch for soft summer patterns. The materials are light and the colours are washed. Surprisingly the tones are icy and edgy with subtle rose  and bitter lemon overpowering. There’s still a great support towards sportswear but this is being worn in the evening and partnered with edgy accessories. Chunky golds and slithering silvers overlay the effortless athletic look. Victoria Beckham’s line was a fantastic example of working this trend whilst still being chic.

3.1 Phillip Lim gave clear cut examples of layering pastels throughout fashion week. He played around with satin lime, watered down tangerine and finished with a hint of lilac. Whilst Calvin Klein demonstrated the daring sheer look with cut out mesh paneling directly down the models chest. I think i’ll stay away from this look as i’m not sure it would be as appreciated in the streets of Windsor.

Whilst the pastels are overpowering there’s been a modest increase in precision-cut tailoring in cool white on white. Dolce and Gabanna and Moschnio are perfect examples of embellishing materials with interesting prints on this white canvas.

It’s clear that there is an obvbious contrast of edgy, straight tailoring against feminine, flowing shapeless fits. These examples of Rachel Roy and Ralph Lauren demonstrate how dramatic these slight tweaks can be on the shape of the outfit.

White on White SS 12


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