Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Recently i discovered through Hypebeast that Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All ( OFWGKTA) had returned from his mysterious disappearance. Numerous rumours had spread of his disappearance being connected to private school and military camp on behalf of his parents who clearly weren’t too enthused with his hobbies he had taken up with the rest of his group. Tyler the creator and his gang are well known for their controversial and highly offensive lyrics towards their ‘haters’ and controversially their fans. It’s not hugely surprising that Earl’s parents wouldn’t want their 17 year old son rolling with teenage boys who are troublesome ‘for the reaction’. Interestingly Earl is the son of a professional poet which is thought to have influenced his choice to become involved in music.

Considering Odd Future cover  themes such as self harm, death, violence, drugs and murder i felt it fitting to research some of their gigs before i attend one of their own at Brixton academy in march. Did i find this reassuring? I wouldn’t say yes as i watched Tyler the creator plummet towards the ground during one of his stage dives, which ended in a broken leg. However, the crowd didn’t seem too violent, just extremely enthused with the music they were experiencing.

My boyfriend got me into Tyler’s music at the start of last year and this in turn encouraged my fascination with Odd Future. Considering i’m one to get quite offended by controversial lyrics and violence, shockingly their music had quite the opposite effect on me.

As i continue to get to grips with the vast members of Odd Future i came across Syd the kid. Funnily enough as i listened to her song with Matt Martin i unveiled the odd softness that Syd contributes to Odd Future. Although not a feminine character helself, Syd really proves herself with these gental vocals


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