4 elements of my life

There are 4 main elements that influence my life at the moment. Writing, culture, fashion and music are all key for my experiences.


With a  dad who’s a brilliant, inspiring writer, the passion seems to flow more easily from him to me. I enjoy playing around with short stories and novels as I find it easier to delve into fiction rather than come to terms with my own reality. Only recently have I thought about writing something perhaps more serious and fitting to my own life, something I can relate to perhaps. Ever since I moved to France at the age of 16, I feel that my experience could aid other teens into understanding what it’s all about. Furthermore, moving back to England 5 months later could help others into appreciating how difficult it is to simply integrate back into society after being withdrawn from it for such a short period of time. Coming from such well traveled parents who have lived all over Europe, I think that I assumed that having them backing me would make the whole experience easier. Perhaps that particular life experience in France deserves to be noted and remembered?


My mother is half Nigerian so I felt that this has given me a bit of fuel to be more cultured and aware of other origins. Being quarter African has lead me to doubt my own identity but as I am discovering it I’ve become more interested in other people’s own experiences and ethnic origins. Whenever my mum and I come across a mixed race couple together we always give each other the same satisfied look and echo ‘ ahh isn’t that nice? It almost makes you think that not everyone is a racist’. In fact not everyone is racist but with my mum and I being subjected to a substantial amount of racism ourselves it does tend to make you feel slightly pessimistic with your thought process. We gush over magazines writing about Heidi Klum and Seal and for some reason this produces a slight glint of hope that not every soul on this planet is an ignorant fool. It is quite worrying why we are so satisfied with these mix raced couplings because if you read into it you question things that you never considered before. ‘If I was fully African would my friends feel the same about me?’, ‘Would people look at me differently and put me into a different ‘ethnicity box’? I am definitely the most racially aware within my group of friends which is quite interesting considering their own racial backgrounds aren’t fully English. I think that this says a  lot about my own upbringing and displays my over sensitive empathy towards other ethnic minority groups.

Sometimes I feel like i’m delving too deep into my own emotions when it comes to the sensitive topic of racism.


Something that makes me feel like a little girl is fashion. Purchasing clothes just gives me an ecstatic emotion that is only released in that moment, it is then safely stored until that moment comes around again. I’m a bit of a miserable shopper and I feel that this is down to my hatred towards commercialism. I can’t stand it when someone walks into a shop and walks out again clutching everything the mannequin was just wearing. Where is the originality? Where is the creative thoughts? Where is the excitement once you’ve pieced a beautiful outfit together?

This is where thrift stores and charity shops come into play with me. I love sifting to the back of the rail in a charity shop, yet i can’t stand it in a commercial store. I enjoy having my own fashion and style not being told what to wear. My love at the moment is minimalism and Phillip Lim does this beautifully. With the washed out pastel tones complimented with the bold cuts, everything comes across which a soft touch of elegance. Even the transformable sleeveless denim jackets with harsh shapes looked so gentle.

My favourite from the SS 12 3.1 Phillip Lim collection had to be the beige parchment kite gown. One of the most minimalist flowing pieces of the collection. You can imagine how beautiful it would look against sun kissed skin with its  slight glint of gold within the material.


I wouldn’t say i have a specific taste in music. I tend to favour hip-hop music  but if i want reflection then i like to listen to artists such as Sia. Through my discovery of Tyler the Creator i came across Frank Ocean ( also a member of OFWGKTA). His gentle voice was a contradiction to the violence that his group promotes. Swim good has to be my favourite track that he has created so far. I find it quite interesting to strip an artist away from their influencing group and see them as they want to be. Frank’s music doesn’t necessarily change when it comes into contact with members of Odd Future, it simply loses its dignity and harmony. Electronic beats support the vocals on majority of Frank’s most recent songs giving harmonic lyrics a modern twist.


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