Ironically after watching a program on channel 4 last night about the scales of extremism, i was slightly educated. I am well aware of the British National Party and the English Defense League, however i was unaware of the claimed differences between the two. Last night on Pride and Prejudiced, Stephen Lennon lead the protest for the EDL across numerous places in Britain. He was overly defensive of accusations that the English Defense League are in any way racist. I quote that he welcomes ‘ blacks, whites and browns’ into his party. However, he has a strong opinion against the Muslim community. He feels that they are to blame for the chaos in our country and the constant threat of terrorism. However, he is failing to recognize that within the 3% of Muslims that make up Britain, there is an even smaller percent within the group that are committing terrorist acts. Interestingly in 2009, the Gallup Coexist Index found that only 36% of the British public thought that British Muslims were “loyal to this country” as opposed to 82% of the British Muslim community. This is just a small example of the pessimism that has come over white ‘British’ people towards other cultures and ethnic groups.

The channel 4 Program opened my eyes to the fact that not all of these right-wing parties are supported by  the white British public. The earlier video that i uploaded proved that even Muslims are attempting to join the EDL and their quest to be British again. My question is how can the public not see through Stephen Lennon’s facade. He has clearly researched slightly into other cultures and religions and attempted to educate himself slightly, however this does not cover up his ignorant, highly offensive opinions. In his own words : multiculturalism is not the issue in our modern day society, it is in fact religion.

Do you think this man is as much as an uneducated fool as i believe? Or is he too ashamed to be associated with the BNP to which he feels the need to create a barricade between the two?


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