what is ordinary in the model world?

So as I’m flicking through my Vogue magazine I came across a Paul Smith fashion campaign. The backdrop was simple, the set was minimalistic. Amongst it all stood an expressionless, ordinary looking model.
For some strange reason, this advert made me stop in my tracks and examine the details of the campaign. I’ve gotten into this habit of ‘flicking’ through Vogue and barely taking in the amount of effort that has been put into these extravagant campaigns. I began to question: is beautiful boring? Do we want to see gorgeous women draped in jewellery and expensive clothing that we can only dream of possessing?

The fact that I stopped to examine this regular face just shocked me. Perhaps it is becoming increasingly boring to be perfectly stunning, or boyishly awkward? When did pretty people become dull? Maybe we actually want to see the product being advertised sported on an ordinary looking person?

Surely it would be more appealing to see an item of clothing modelled on someone you can relate to? Rather than compare yourself to them for not having a pure complexion or legs that touch the ceiling. This is exactly what I did, I began to think maybe I can actually wear this product and feel comfortable knowing that I don’t look ridiculous.

It just made me stop and ask the question when did models become pretty boring?


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