Should we be less forgiving of drug slip-ups?

Flipping through my fabulous fashion mag, i discover a 6-page spread of none other than Kate Moss. Well who else would we chose to demonstrate our British pride with the 2012 Olympics approaching? Of course the magazine mentioned other fine women such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexa Chung and Adowa Aboah. The mag also included a sporting yearbook ( which is highly populated with women) to congratulate our contestants for the Olympics. However, all this brilliant ‘Britishness’ occurred after a 6-page spread of Kate Moss. Of course the spread was beautiful with a nautical twist but my attention was caught with a close up shot using a low angle of Kate’s face. It was from this viewpoint that i noticed it. After Kate’s eyes, her collapsed nose caught my attention. The make-up was faultless, the hair was perfect and the lighting emphasized her exquisite cheekbones. It was here that i started to wonder should we be able to glorify someone with a bad drug history? Someone that is such an inspiration to young models and girls worldwide, who is considered a ‘role model’.

In 2005, a well known British newspaper ran a story with accompanying pictures of Kate Moss’ first drug scandal. For some strange reason, Britain was in shock. I have nothing against her as a model but as a role model I think she offers a poor demonstration. Why should, not only Britain but the world, chose to celebrate a person who has such bad drug slip-ups? What kind of message does that send to our young society? That ‘Drugs are OK, it’s socially acceptable’.

It was reported that former Babyshambles manager James Mullord, sold the photos of Kate to the newspaper for £150,000. The money was supposedly spent on his heroin. This is a fine example of the kind of people Kate Moss chooses to socialize with and use to mould her identity. Kate was dropped by H & M, Chanel and Burberry as a result. Yet we still choose to use her to display our British pride. Now what does that say about us as a nation and what we stand for?


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