When i think of happiness in my memories……this is one of many… My lovely boyfriend at my parents’ house in France – my sanctuary

Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is an emotion. Happiness for me is my family who may live in a different country or be far away, but let me know they are there behind me, always. My boyfriend of 5 and a 1/2 years who stood by me through my move to France and back and never fails to make my day feel full of purpose. My friends whoΒ continuouslyΒ make me giggle. Happiness is making people proud who have created this emotion for you in the first place.

In the worst of times when you feel like you have no one and you realise at least one person is there for you and you feel to smile, just for a split second.That is happiness.

Today I feel this state of mind and being. Today I am happy. Tomorrow I may be unhappy but that doesn’t matter because otherwise how else would I tell I was happy yesterday?


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