1001 ways to relax – My tips

About 5 years ago I received a pretty strange stocking filler on behalf of ‘Santa’ (also know as mum). It was a book titled ‘1001 ways to relax’ – at the time I was about 14. Now, i’m not sure about you but I don’t know many 14 year old teenage girls who want to read 1001 ways to relax. I was a sensible teen but reading did not interest me in the slightest – especially a self help book!

So when I came across the book in one of my Laura Ashley weave baskets I paused. This was EXACTLY what I needed with going through a very stressful time of exams, dealing with coming off anti-depressants and living alone.Β 

So i noted a few of my favourite tips from the book that help to start my day πŸ™‚

1. Draw insights from dreams and keep a dream diary – AnyΒ anxiousnessΒ you may hold within yourself may transfer into your dreams and by keeping a dream book, you can separate them.

2. Throw open a window in the morning – This will blow away the cobwebs that have settled on your spirit in the night. Don’t let the weather put you off either. πŸ™‚

3. Put on a bright shirt – This will add a splash of colour to your day and your presence will liven those around you.

4. Decide to be happy – No matter what happens, happiness is within your own power.Β OKΒ it may be really hard on a crappy day ( I of all people understand what that feels like), but you chose to beΒ positiveΒ and happy.

5. Breathe out a negative, breathe in a positive – Sit comfortably and allow your body to relax. Focus on your breathing andΒ visualizeΒ an emotion. As you breathe out, imagine the negative emotion streaming from your nose. As you breathe in imagine a positive emotion being drawn into your lungs.

6. Write your worries down – Similar to the dream book but worries effect your reality.

7. Stand up for your beliefs – Your morals, your values. They make you who you are


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