On my way to France

So I’m flying to France today to visit my parents for the week. I rarely travel alone and I have before but only to France. My mother works for a well known airline so my sister and I have been travelling for a very long time. You’d think I’d be used to the process by now, but no. I am an incredibly anxious flyer and it doesn’t help that I have to get a bus and a coach before I even step on the plane. To top it off, I’m still hungover from 2 nights ago ( it was my end of exams, I had to celebrate). So I’m hoping my PMA ( Positive Mental Attitude), will get me through the day.

I am also meant to be singing with my father at a music event tonight which will only happen after a few glasses of wine. He’s a brilliant acoustic guitar player and I sing along with him in a bit of a cute father, daughter duo.

Anyway, have a good day and I shall update you later!!


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