At the end of the day, women like to look good for their men

Being in France at the moment, I thought it would be fitting to discuss the fashion choices that I’m experiencing around me at the moment. As my mother’s side of the family have married us into the French culture, I get to experience a real sense of the lifestyle when I’m here. Being in the French countryside, you wouldn’t expect the best fashion and obviously you’re not cramped by fashion comparisons over here like you would be in the UK. There’s a lack of  ‘brand competition’ which is kind of refreshing also! There’s no, ‘Where are your shoes from?’ or ‘What size is that dress so I can purchase the same one’. The locals are original and fresh.

You must ask yourself, ‘How important is fashion to the locals?’, ‘do they compensate for the lack of choice through accessories and hair styles?’. One thing I love when I travel out to the South of France, is how it affects my OWN fashion choices. As I’m more aware that there is less concern for brands, co-ordination etc, it reflects my own style. I tend to become more simplistic and casual compared to when I’m in the UK which can be very fashion conscious. Say goodbye to the structured blazers, printed scarfs and bright colours. Say hello to flowing shapes and cuts, calming linen greys and summer wedges. One thing that I’ve noticed : The French love a good pair of wedges! Why not? They add height and glamour to any outfit.

I think it is simply part of the French countryside culture to be less conscious of fashion ‘must haves’ and nail trends.  This is reciprocated throughout the local boutiques and shopping centres. Perhaps  if the shops were more conscientious, this would encourage the locals to be more daring with their choices. This theory would only be effective on the women in my opinion, as they appear to be more modern and aware at times, whereas French men can come across as quite traditional and minimalistic with their trends meaning that they’re less willing to change perhaps. French men can come across as quite dominating with their partners and I think that they enjoy their women to look how they want them to at certain times. Perhaps the men have more of a grasp on fashion than they let on, they simply display their idea of trends through their partners?


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