Healing exercise

Ok, I’ve become a bit of a gym bunny lately but under certain circumstances. For instance, if there are too many people in the gym I will NOT do anything else apart from sit on the bike for an hour! If its raining, this may also put me off a tad as I walk up there most days. So we can come to the conclusion that I care about my appearance slightly, (ok I sweat a lot).

I go to the gym about 4 times a week but I try to go more. Although my body isn’t changing I’ve noticed that my mentality has. Exercise is a brilliant way to vent emotions without hurting anyone around you. I know people that go to the gym when they can’t deal with their family that day and it prevents them from getting in an argument or more. A workout can make you feel extremely positive about your life sometimes and I’m trying to use this mantra in my life of ‘exercise makes positivity’.

I’m starting to think that perhaps this may guide me through my darker moments that I have every now and then. My dark days hover around in the background some days and exercise is a way for me to focus on something positive. Obviously this wont heal me but it’s helping wit some of the anxieties and symptoms that come with depression disorders. Perhaps this could help others also with their healing process.


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