Have you been bullied?

One topic that I’ve noticed has been floating around me quite a lot at the moment is ‘bullying’. Now I was pretty much bullied throughout my entire journey through the school system, each in different ways. From physical to emotional, manipulative bullying and threatening. I’m a sensitive personality who cares about other people’s emotions and some people saw this as a threat and decided to attack me making it a weakness.

Recently I ran into a girl who bullied me for half of my life. She saw me, hung her head and carried on texting on her phone, to her I’m nothing. To me, she’s someone who changed my life, for the worse at the beginning. Eventually, I feel that I was fortunate enough to flip the bullying on it’s head and I decided to become more outspoken and brave in a way – this has transformed me into a more opinionated person. Luckily, for me I managed to escape the danger and leave the bullying by changing schools, eventually she got bored.

Some people are not as lucky as I was. I want to raise awareness for bullying in the 21st century. Back when I was 10 years old and being subjected to bullying, I could escape it when I got home ( when the threatening answer phone messages stopped – thanks to the police), whereas nowadays, young people are being subjected to cyber bulling and bullies are coming up with all kinds of modern ways to manipulate their victim.

Perhaps by teaching this bullying awareness as part of the school curriculum, it would enable young people to feel more positively pressured to talk to someone. Raising awareness for bullying is only the first step. Let’s create awareness that isn’t scheduled in on specific dates of the year.


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