Animal cruelty – you’d be shocked to see how many companies condone animal testing

I was recently shocked to discover so many prestigious cosmetic and household companies either condone animal testing or don’t prove that they don’t conduct it within their labs. I came across a website called ‘uncaged’ which revealed page after page of exposed industries who are for animal testing. Even animal food companies such as IAMS were discovered to test on animals – that’s ludicrous in my opinion. How can a company create a product for animals and test it on them at the same time? Would we condone testing products for humans on ourselves? Would we allow humans to be held in captivity for years whilst the cruel testing goes on? The obvious answer, no. Animals are helpless which makes the situation even harder to stomach.

Now I’m not an extreme animal activist but if I can make certain ethical changes in my life to better the existence of an animal, I will try. Yes I eat meat (previously I have been a vegetarian for 16 years) and I’m not perfect. However, there are fewer issues with killing animals humanely for meat compared to the issues of animal testing or killing to obtain fur. Does this make me a hypocrite?

Through the uncaged website, I discovered companies such as Pantene, L’Occitaine, Loreal, Bold, IAMS and Herbal Essences were all under fire for animal testing. The images are shocking and the details disturbing. Check out the website to gain more of a perspective on the matter.

I ask myself, is it possible to live a completely ethical life or am I a hypocrite for caring?


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