Flying: Do you follow the rules?

I’ve recently just arrived back home after a lovely trip to the South West of France. The sun was shining and the pool was beautiful, however there is always one thing that always hinders my holiday wherever I go: my fear of flying. NowΒ I’veΒ been flying since a very young age so you would assume I’d be used to the feeling of dropping out of the air? Wrong, nope, no way in hell!

There are a couple of mantras that I follow to try and keep me calm, it’s a bit like flying with an old lady when you fly with me.

I like to be on time and pick my seat near the middle of the aircraft (I fly low budget – no pre-booked seats people), as statistically that is the safest place to sit, apparently. I like to listen to the safety demonstration JUST in case of an emergency. I always keep a beady eye on the air stewards to keep me calm, but as soon as their faces go ‘oh shit’, I panic. Finally, I like to follow the rules of switching off phones and all things electric again JUST in case I disturb any signals and ruin everyone’s experience on the plane by bringing it down.

Now of course, most of these thoughts are ridiculous and mainly owned by anxious people who hate flying : me. However, one thing that really gets to me is when other customers do NOT follow these rules created for our safety and consider themselves exempt. I panic even more when the stewards fail to notice that people still have phones, laptops and games all switched on. Basically, you look like a bit of a knob if you don’t follow the rules that everyone else has managed to follow.

‘There’s a bag limit’ – don’t pack your bag too big

‘Electronics must be switched off for take off and landing’ – don’t nod ‘OK’ and go back to your mac

‘Tea or coffee’ – ‘actually i’ll have a white wine’. LISTEN damn it

As you can tell I’m a frustrated woman who just wants people to follow the bloody rules!



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