I’m hooked on the Olympics!


I’m hooked on the London 2012 Olympics

So the Olympics has officially kicked off and I am hooked. As I have a job I have missed quite a far bit of the events. However, I was lucky enough to catch the opening ceremony which was fantastic. I think as a British nation we like to place doubt on ourselves and there was a swarm of negativity before the events had even started. However, Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony left people stunned. It did our country justice and I think it made everyone slightly emotional. Now, I am the least patriotic person you will come across (I won’t get into that one now), but I enjoyed the ‘Lefty, multicultural’ performance of the history of our country.

When I’m not working, I’m trying to catch as many events as possible. It’s clear we are struggling slightly however, our athletes are doing us proud by achieving gold, silver and bronze medals. My favourite events have to be the athletic events and I do enjoy the gymnastics and swimming. I think you can guess why, have you SEEN the men?

What have you guys been glued to? Hope you’re all having a good week.



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