Martin Luther King

On this date in 1963, Martin Luther King, presented his ‘I have a dream speech’ to approximately 200,000+ people by the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC. This day marked one of the most symbolic days in history for many people who supported King. It is believed that this incredibly brave and honourable speech contributed significantly to the introduction of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. This political movement intended to condemn racial prejudice and discrimination in the United States.

A few years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Martin Luther King’s memorial site in Atlanta, Georgia all the way from the UK. I sat beside his grave and felt quite emotional. I believe that I was too young to fully comprehend the symbolism of that moment in my life but I will remember it forever. I remember the quietness between myself and my parents and I remember the emotions that I held on that day. We had not felt the people’s pain first hand or ever had to experience what King did in his lifetime but we understood the sacrifice that he had made for complete strangers.

The anniversary of a day such as this, reminds me that bravery and courage like this exists only in certain exeptional people, and Martin Luther King was Indeed one of them. He created political movements that have marked history and potentially saved people’s lives. What an amazing human being.


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