Today was a scary day

It was my last day at work today ( I still have another week before university and I’m bored out of my brains). I had mixed emotions, some were superficial and some were genuine. I was quite wobbly ( emotion wise), before I had even begun work today as my lovely boyfriend left to go back to university for another turbulent year. I had my store discount card taken from me after my last spending spree and this hurt – sad right? On the upside, I should receive a temporary discount card when I return at Christmas. The whole day, I over analysed every little thing : would I get a card, was my boss being nice because I was leaving? I won’t know the latter, but I did receive a heart touching, emotional and meaningful card that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. (Even if it was 99p it was beautiful). The card added some reassurance to some things that I doubted about myself for a long time. Some of the people I worked with, really cared about me – why did I doubt them?

On top of that, my parter in crime left me to go back to uni today also. Although this time its different as we are both embarking on happier paths, it is still difficult. This man has been so supportive to me and will always have open arms for me. He moves into a new house with new flatmates – I hope they’re as nice as they seem as they really do come across as lovely and genuine. I’m glad he has found people to make him feel fulfilled while I’m away – he deserves it.

On the day I move up to Leicester for uni, he will meet me and get me through the day along with my dad and sis. I’m scared I won’t enjoy the experience but I’m hoping it will offer so much more than my life now! A new place, with new people, fresh memories and foundations. New passions.


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