I’m finally here!

So I’ve officially entered my new university threshold. I was incredibly anxious and knowing that the rest of the country were going through the exact same thing, didn’t reassure me at all funnily enough. I drove up from Windsor and passed multiple signs that educated me that I was indeed entering ‘The North’ – Is there a scarier sign?

With my items packed high to the roof of the car, the journey began. Surprisingly, I had predicted that travelling up with my sister and dad would be incredibly emotional and distracting. The journey was in fact enjoyable and I’m glad that I spent it with my weird and wonderful family. It did not help my nerves that I had gone out the night before leaving and got incredibly pissed at my own leaving do. Swallowing back bits of my own consumption from the night before, I arrived in Leicester. After miles of traffic on the M1, We were finally here!

I over analysed every single person to enter my building, whilst trying to remain calm and look half decent to anyone that wanted to be my friend in the future. Thanks to the technology of Facebook, I had already ‘met’ most of my flatmates, so this took away an element of anxiety. I threw my bin bags full of clothes into my new room and ventured off with my sister, dad and newly arrived boyfriend. After a scarily brisk dinner at Nandos, ( Where else?), it was time to say goodbye. My sister cried and my dad nodded. Eventually, a few hours later, I was alone.

It was strange because an element of vulnerability kicked in and it occurred to me that I was indeed alone. The girls began chatting and giggling in the hall and I felt the need to join. With thousands of nerves bouncing round between us, the giggling increased. However, after a few nights out together and walks home, it seems like we are finally beginning to settle in. I feel like it is early days and anything could change, however, I’ve spent some time with some more newbies downstairs and it’s nice to say hi to someone or be able to walk to uni with someone you met the night before.

One thing I’ve learnt already: ‘Don’t over analyse people and their actions, you don’t know them yet’.


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