Lily Cole for Bodyshop Primer – Make up review

Hey guys, I’ve decided to enter a new dimension within my blogging sphere. I’m going to be sampling as many products as possible and Β I will be letting you know the results as I do this on a regular basis. I am quite particular when it comes to make-up products but I like to explore and play around with new brands and lines. I personally believe that although you can find bargains within the make up market, your face is incredibly delicate so you should be aware of the products you are using. I have decided to sample some products to try and help you ( and myself), decide which products are worth it before purchasing a brand new item, especially if they are expensive. Please be aware that all opinions are my own and simply reflect my stance on my experience with a particular product, please do not take my opinions to be negative towards a particular brand – I am simply reviewing the product πŸ™‚

So, for this new chapter in my blog, I am going to start off with a Lily Cole for Bodyshop skin primer. Now I’ve never really understood the purpose of a primer, being someone who does not wear make up on a daily basis. However, primers are supposed to be great for creating a canvas under your make up, or for simply creating a dewy look on a natural day. This Bodyshop primer uses pearls of liquid in a clear tube. The liquid squirts out of a small nozzle at the top, so it is quite user friendly. I found the primer for Β£7 in the sale so be quick if you want to grab this item. ( In some stores there is currently a 3 for 2 deal going on).

On first use, the primer came out quite bobbly, but as i blended it in around my face, it gave off quite a smooth and sparkly appearance. The pink pearls in the tube create a subtle and smooth canvas on your skin. I want to emphasise that the glitter in this primer is incredibly minimalistic and is not dramatic at all, so don’t be put off. As someone who hasn’t really used primers much, I found that this one from bodyshop was really flattering. The primers that I have used before have come across as too illuminating and emphasise spots, blackheads, lumps and bumps. However, this Lily Cole primer is lovely. I tested the product for one day and after using it I went out and purchased it! The hintΒ of Β pink/peach pearly colours means that I can use it on a daily basis without coming across as too glittery.

I definitely recommend this product for a subtle dewy look and for women who enjoy looking more natural. Furthermore, as the primer slightly evens out your skin tone, it reduces the need for a foundation and you can apply blusher directly onto your skin afterΒ using the primer.

This is the size of the sample Bodyshop offer. They are quite generous with the amount of primer. A sample can provide 2-3 uses of a product.

Lily Cole primer by Bodyshop.

Sample size and product size – quite generous as you can see!

Lily Cole for Bodyshop


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