Alexander Wang for Balenciaga

It has recently been announced that Alexander Wang will be walking in the footsteps of Nicolas  Ghesquiere, as the creative director for fabulous fashion house Balenciaga. After Nicolas’ exit from the prestigious fashion brand on the 29th of November, Wang was shortly announced to be taking his place.

Well known for his Gothic looks and overuse of the colour black, Alexander Wang is a highly respected fashion designer who’s reputation is reflected through many well known celebrities, musicians and other noted fashion designers. His looks have always been highly casual yet sleek at the same time, encouraging people to wear his designs on a daily basis, rather than slinging his creations to the back of a wardrobe until a red carpet event. At times, Wang’s designs can come across as incredibly masculine and androgynous, pushing the boundaries of women’s fashion. I became more aware of  Alexander Wang’s designs thanks to hip-hop star A$AP ROCKY. Singing the designers praises during a short clip focusing on the production of his own music video, A$AP is seen showing the camera the piles of clothes that Alexander has sent him free of charge. Later on, the rap artist is seen video calling the designer thanking him for the amazing clothes and for some reason this really stuck with me. Check the video of A$AP talking to Alexander Wang –

A$AP ROCKY for Alexander Wang

A$AP ROCKY for Alexander Wang

In the hip-hop industry it can be quite taboo to be homosexual or associated with people who are. From this stigma A$AP may be up against, it is clear to understand that fashion is becoming more important than someone’s sexual orientation, which is a huge deal in the music industry. It’s clear that everyone is loving Alexander Wang’s designs. Even though a lot of his designs can be quite difficult to wear for a shapely girl, Wang has a line of elegant and simplistic designs. Take a look at a few of my favourties.

I’m a lover of clothes that have less structured shape and tend to flow off of your own body shape. This black and red combo compliments most sizes, however it does favour a slimmer physique due to the lack of shaping. However, the white dress featured is much more suitable for a curvier woman as it clings to your body, complimenting the right parts, rather than skimming over them. Finally, my favourite. The last outfit I have featured is definitely suited to any shape. The sheer paneling adds a hint of tease, whilst the leather shorts ensure you are on trend and edgy.


alexander wang

An example of Alexander’s slightly masculine designs. These colours are very on trend – especially when it comes to hip-hop.

alexander wang 1

Simplistic and chic – Alexander’s designs can be elegant and feminine.

Showing the back of one of Alexander's recent, intricate designs

Showing the back of one of Alexander’s recent, intricate designs. Loving the leather shorts!



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