Baby Monkey Wearing Shearling Coat Spotted Wandering Around Toronto Ikea



Photo credit: dzd_lisa / Instagram

Amid the carbon-copied TV stands and self-assembled couches at a Toronto Ikea, a master of style was spotted this weekend, in the form of a baby monkey wearing a fitted shearling coat.

The 7-month-old Rhesus Macaque, sporting the beige coat and a diaper, was found wandering near the Swedish furniture store on Sunday afternoon, reports CBC News.

Shoppers first spotted the tiny creature in the upper-level parking lot. “It was the weirdest thing,” said Stephanie Yim, who saw the tiny monkey peering at her from behind another car. “I thought I was going insane,” she told CBC. Her photos, outlandish as they may be, now grace the website of the CBC.

She and other shoppers began to tail the animal, who was apparently dressed for the near freezing temperatures in a tan double-breasted shearling coat, as it raced around the parking lot. “It…

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