crazy chats

Just had a crazy chat with a friend at uni. Its nice to meet other spiritual beings who live how you live, it can make you feel more fulfilled and driven. I’ve just been thinking, does it make a difference trying to impress people when the only person you’re trying to prove shit to is yourself?

We’re scared of things we create and allow fear for. Its mind boggling.

I’m the kind of person who over analyses social situations, who over thinks comments and who (as much as I hate to admit), cares what people think of me. But if I really care what people think, why am I so satisfied with my own thoughts, my own reassurance and empathy for other beings?

Through the law of attraction I intend to attract more positive beings and spiritual people to spread good energy. Because to be honest, that is what life is about for me. My immediate family are incredibly spiritual and my driving force for what I want in life. All I hope for is to attract spiritual beings on the way and to clarify my being.


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