Is there any point to a New Year’s resolution?

As new year’s has quickly approached and passed, there appears to be the reoccurring question: ‘So, what’s your NY’s resolution?’

Every year, I cringe at the sentence because I find the idea stupid to be frank. It enables us all to feel hope that we will be better, kinder, more driven people. When in reality, we will remain messy, lazy and maintain those habits we are trying to kick. Pessimistic, I know but it is a well known fact that most people do not stick to their NY’s resolutions – they simply get bored and give up – big generalisation here.

So I came to the conclusion, if I created a resolution that was realistic, it would make me feel guilty for failing and less likely to as a consequence, fail. So, I have decided to declare that I will stop ‘dressing like a tramp’. It sounds comical I guess – unless you’re a tramp for which I am sorry.

Usually, I am quite fashion conscious, however there are times where I completely let my guard down and go ‘oh f*** it’. So my resolution is to stop these moments. I thought, I don’t have to change much, I just have to plan an outfit everyday, which is kind of fun if you’re into fashion anyway!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


An ‘untrampy’ moment for me….I intend to plan my outfits day by day! Here’s hoping…


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