Birthday celebrations

So this week on Wednesday it was my 20th birthday. I’ve said goodbye to my teen years and attempted to embrace the start of what some may believe is the start of ‘proper adulthood’. What better way to commiserate my looming responsibilities than going out with my friends and going a bit mental?!

I’d planned a night out in the city of Nottingham with a mini bus of 14. There were definitely times when I felt a little bit like a mother flapping over people’s whereabouts, injuries or drunkness.

We all clambered into the mini bus and eventually arrived in the centre ready for the night. To begin the celebrations we thought we’d start at a quiet pub across the road. Settling down at the bar getting our orders in we began to notice the interesting characteristics of the pub. It was decorated in a flamboyant manner with red, thigh high leather boots decorating the bar, rainbow coloured flags draping the walls and a concentrated population of men only. The bouncer smirked when we asked ‘are we in a gay pub?’. You can guess the answer. Giggling with shock we carried on ordering our drinks and sat there for a while longer. When a suggestion for a lock in was made, it was safe to say that the boys happily moved on to our next spot. Luckily it was much more lively and well suited to everyone. The night presented an array of random acts but it concluded to be a good night that I’m embarrassed to say is a bit fuzzy in hindsight.

I was quite excited by my new purchase that I wore for the night – my new disco pants. They definitely make you feel fabulous as soon as you’re in them! Paired with some killer spikey heels and a cream silk Topshop top I was we’ll and truly ready to go mental for the night.



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