Vogue and Equity agree new model ‘Code of Conduct’

For many years (more noticeably recently), there have been individuals who have been concerned about the welfare of models within the fashion industry. Connoisseurs, stylists, designers and professionals involved with fashion in one way or another, have always flirted with the idea of a ‘code of conduct’ for models and it appears that a series of guidelines have finally been produced. Vogue and Equity have been the first industries to sign a ten point code of conduct (created by Equity themselves),  that will support the welfare of models.

I will briefly explain the content of the codes presented by Equity.

1. Working hours and breaks

  • Mentions models should have proper breaks and work no longer than 10 hours within one shift of modeling. Only 5 hours of these ten worked can be consecutive

2. Meals

  • Models should be provided with adequate food and beverages (taking into account dietary requirements)

3. Travel and Transportation

  • Travel expenses (when outside a 10 mile radius of the studio) shall be covered 

4. Respect and Dignity

  • ‘No one will ask or impose upon the Model any action or activity which is dangerous, degrading, unprofessional or demeaning to the Model’ (Equity)
  • The model shall be treated with respect and professionalism

5. Change of Appearance

  • Models cannot be required to make drastic changes to their appearance for a photo shoot

6. Nudity

  • The nature of the shoot will be explained to the model prior to the shoot and before the contract is agreed
  • Semi nudity/nudity will be agreed by the model before the shoot

7. Changing Area/ Bathroom Facilities

  • A private changing facility will be provided
  • Adequate bathroom facilities with hot water will be provided where it is practical to do so

8. Temperature

  • If a model is required to be in little clothing or semi nude – the temperature cannot fall below 21 degrees centigrade 
  • A studio will be kept suitably warm in the winter and suitably ventilated in the summer

9. Insurance

  • Over the contracted period the model must be provided with adequate insurance covering all areas of concern
  • At the end of the contracted period the model must be paid promptly

10. Use of models under the age of 16

  • Models under the age of 16 shall not be used to represent adults
  • Models under the age of 16 shall not participate in semi nudity/ nudity
  • Models under the age of 16 shall be accompanied by a chaperone


Although it is agreed that the modelling industry should have set out these (sometimes idealistic) standards prior to the use of a model for a shoot, it is positive that certain individuals are allowing there to be progress in such a strict industry. It will be interesting to see which companies chose to sign up to the code of conduct as it is clearly essential when representing any kind of morals or values within any respectable company. With Vogue being such a powerful fashion house, it clearly demonstrates their dedication to the welfare of models within the fashion industry.


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