Second hand shop find

Wondering around a sleepy French village that goes by the name of Issigeac, my mother slyly dragged me into a second hand furniture shop ( one of her favourite pastimes). This is usually part of the norm with us as I tend to be the innocent victim that is dragged along her thrifty journey. Don’t get me wrong, my favourite activity is second hand shopping for CLOTHES but when it comes to antiques, I’m a little tired of that activity as she’s been obsessed with antiques since I can remember. However, the happiness that swam through me when I saw rack after rack of second hand clothes in the dusty shop, was unexplainable.

Shining in the corner sat a rusty Moschino waist which I stole for a massive bargain. I’d been searching online for a reasonable amount of time for this beauty so was thrilled when I left the shop with it. I also stumbled across a slinky black dress with athletic thin straps that complimented the belt really well.

What do you think?





2 thoughts on “Second hand shop find

  1. Wow! This one is fabulous. I saw these on different pictures online, but I could never find where to buy it. I am really, really jealous right now!

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