Beauty product review : The Body Shop

I always love using beauty products by The Body Shop and I feel that they are very underrated! The company was founded by Animal Rights Activist, Dame Anita Roddick. As well as creating reasonably priced luxury products, The Body Shop( as well as partnering up with UNICEF), have constantly spread awareness about animal rights, domestic violence, HIV and Aids. Due to their policy that vows to be ‘Against Animal Testing’, the Body Shop won an award in 2005 for achieving higher standards of animal welfare. So there are many reasons to love The Body Shop. In my opinion, brands that are so against animal testing in the beauty business, deserve to be praised as it can be difficult to find in this day and age.

So I reviewed two products from The Body Shop: The Cocoa Butter Body Butter and the Hemp Foot Protector

Cocoa Butter Body Butter

I have heard a few people talking about this product (especially for after tattoos), and I have always been quite bad with moisturizing, so when I received this as a gift I was over the moon because it kicked my lazy, non-moisturizing but into gear. Being 1/4 African means that my skin does tend to dry out a lot quicker (especially around the elbow and knee areas), therefore moisturizing is essential for me. The first thing that you notice with the Body Butter is the smell ( Oh it’s so divine). You think that it must be a joke that you can smell that good ALL day, but it’s true. The lovely cocoa smell barely fades as the hours pass and even when it does, you can still smell it faintly. I find this impressive considering perfumes tend to wear off so quickly, yet this lovely smell stays with you for the long run. Secondly, the quality of the moisturizer is so intense! It seeps into your skin leaving a nice outer sheen allowing you to feel really pampered. My one tiny critique for this product would be the fact that you feel a little greasy for about 20 minutes after applying the cream ( which tends to make you feel a little over heated, especially in this weather). However, this is a tiny price to pay for such a great product that lasts all day. At an RRP of Β£13 for 200ml, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves their skin!

image (1) image (2)

Hemp Foot Protector

I have never been one for moisturizing my feet ( I think we can conclude that I am quite lackluster when it comes to looking after my skin) so again, this product was a nice surprise! Just like the Cocoa Butter, the Hemp Foot Protector was luxuriously silky on my skin. However, this foot creme does not leave your skin feeling slightly greasy like the Cocoa Butter. Instead, your skin is left feeling lightly moisturized with a soft outer layer. Your feet feel rehydrated and smooth. I literally have no complaints for this products and I will definitely be purchasing another as soon as this one runs out. The Hemp Foot Protector has an RRP of Β£10, again a massive bargain for such a quality product.

image (3)image (4)

I’m very happy with the results provided by The Body Shop and after trialing so many beauty products that have not met their promises, I am a very content, soft skinned lady!


You can buy these products here at The Body Shop XXXX


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