How do you decide?

Hi lovely followers!

I was flicking through my latest vogue today (I’m not going to deny the fact that it was a bit depressing discussing Autumn/Winter’13 when we’ve only just entered our Spring/Summer’13 wardrobes), where I came across the Editor’s letter. The Editor’s letter is very self-explanatory in the sense that it is an introductory letter written from the editor (who would have guessed hey?!). In this letter, an article named ‘The way we wear’ was mentioned and acted as my stimulus of thought for the day.

Vogue exposed its readers to the daily personal style decisions that are made by various women in the the art, fashion, music and entertainment business. It got me thinking, firstly ‘how do I decide on my daily outfits?’ and secondly ‘does everyone else go through a similar process?’. Now I know when I plan my daily outfit, it usually involves me lying in bed thinking s**t I have nothing to wear today. I tend to follow this thought process by springing out of the bed in a panic and wasting the next 20 minutes emptying my wardrobe on the floor. This process = Very very bad!
Whereas my other half ( who always leaves the house with an element of peace, unlike myself), manages to glide out the door in a matching, clean cut ensemble! How?!


As a result from my wardrobe panic, I HAD to purchase this leather skirt for a job interview πŸ˜‰

Skirt H&M
Top Topshop

How do you prepare in the morning???


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