Swap the hatin’ for the lovin’ with music from Laura JVR!

laws bandHello my lovey followers on this fabulous Friday. Β I want to introduce to you not only my best friend in the entire world, but an incredibly talented young lady called Laura Richardson ( AKA Laws). Laura has been has been blessed with the most amazing vocal cords (which at times have brought me to tears), and I’d love for you to check her out! Her soulful and slightly husky voice is one not to be ignored. On the sidelines, Laura performs at gigs and is a singer for a wicked band known as Upfront.

For as long as I have known Laura, she has been practicing the art of music and still continues to do so at the University of Bournemouth – I feel like a proud mum saying that!

Nothing compares to hearing Laura sing live – Her soothing voice literally sends chills to the bottom of your spine. So, Laura’s Soundcloud account acts as the next best thing for listeners. The girl has such a unique flare within her music and her soul and I love her to death!

Whilst she’s working on some more material have a listen to these tracks from her Souncloud account or skip to ‘Slow – Rumer Cover’ and ‘You Know You Like Running’ to appreciate this soul sista!


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