Work It Girl!!

Hiya lovely followers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Whilst at uni, I studied an interesting concept in Sociology by a gentleman called Erving Goffman. He suggested that we as individuals present a particular image of ourselves to certain people whilst we are acting ‘on stage’ in society. However, whilst we are ‘backstage’ we are able to retort back to our natural state in some instances as we are able to present ourselves in a slightly adjusted way.
Working in Windsor, I love having the opportunity to experience everyone’s individual fashion choices, day in day out. So, it made me think about my work persona and how I portray myself to other people – is this a true reflection of myself?
I came to the conclusion that although my personality is still a reflection of myself whilst I am at work, I over emphasise some traits such as politeness or efficiency, in order to be seen in a good light by my management. Also, the way I dress has to be clean-cut and elegant (which sometimes I have to admit, I struggle to do!).

Here’s my daily attire for work at the moment! I love the layered dress because the shape is so complimentary and simplistic. The layering of material is really cute and is perfect for the summer. The plain black suede pumps go with absolutely EVERYTHING in my wardrobe and are very versatile. I’m just getting used to wearing make-up every day so I decided to remain gentle on the eye with subtle foundation and a vibrant lip with the Topshop lipstick. Pair the ensemble with a pop of pink nail varnish and a classic Armani watch, then you’ve got my outfit! ๐Ÿ™‚

Work outfit from today

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