London Fashion Week Internship

Hi there.

First of all I wanted to say a massive thank you for the blog nominations. I have 3 that are waiting to be posted about- I’ll get to that shortly when i find some time among my schedule! It makes me feel like I’m running down the correct path with blogging when I receive great feedback like a blogger’s award.

I have some more exciting news to announce also…

I have just secured an internship during London Fashion Week 2013 for a PR company!!! I am so excited to be given this opportunity. If I am honest I was petrified when I started thinking about heading up to london this morning to be met by a group of about 20 girls (who turned out to be lovely). So, I text my sister moaning that I wasn’t going to be attending the internship meeting as I was nervous and anxious. I was met by an abrupt phone call ordering me to get out of bed, get dressed and go or I will regret it.

My wise sister came through for me as I swiftly drank a coffee and hopped on the train to london. A quick 10 minute meeting confirmed what I was hoping for!
So when LFW commences on 13th september, I will be working the front and back of house for many various designers who the PR company represent! How exciting. I will get a backstage wristband that will allow me to be virtually anywhere in the venue so it will be very cool! Hopefully, I will get a full picture of the fashion industry through this internship.

I have actually already completed one internship this summer for a PR company called Lingerie PR, and it was great. I learnt SO much in such a short space of time. I learnt an extremely valuable lesson on day one – always wear matching underwear. However, I felt that I needed to progress further and after 4 weeks I was ready to move onto my next internship!

Enter new internship! I do feel slightly unhappy with the amount of money I will be sacrificing. However, experience like this is invaluable and cannot be replaced! My passion is fashion and that’s how it shall remain :).

I can’t wait to begin and I will share some more info from my previous internship shortly!

Take care, Nia Xx


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