Crazy for Carhartt

Having a boyfriend that is more on trend than you are can make you a little depressed. On the plus side it provides me with lots of opportunities to blog about his style choices.

The award for his latest fashion fix goes to street-wear brand – Carhartt. I’m not usually a camo fan but I have to admit, I love this shirt. It’s quite rigid which allows the shirt to be very durable. Placing an over-sized T-Shirt underneath is usually Ollie’s style trick for layering and it seems to be quite popular with street-wear this season.

2013-09-18 15.34.46

Carhartt also have a women’s range which has some great hats (which are still on my winter wishlist). Luckily most ‘Carhartt women’ will have a flair of masculinity in their fashion sense that allows them to play with the menswear line also.

Check out some of their stuff at size –



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