Discover true beauty within the Hellen Van Rees SS’14 collection

As I have been lucky enough to work during London Fashion Week this season, I have been able to experience some wonderful catwalk shows, exhibitions and presentations. However, among the mayhem, one gem that has lodged itself within my thoughts has been the presentation that I was able to experience, created by the extremely talented Hellen Van Rees.  For two hours, the most stunning models stood displaying the Dutch designer’s Spring/Summer’14 collection, glaring over the heads of the guests that had attended. Every so often at certain intervals, the models would ever so gently interchange and glide to another part of the room.

Presented again at the fabulous Freemason’s Hall, the apprehension was high as eager guests were lead up an extravagantly wide staircase and guided through the marble halls towards the presentation room. The lighting was dark, however gentle splashes of yellow light fell upon the models floor space eliminating a visible audience, allowing them to become engrossed in Hellen’s intricate designs without being distracted by one another. The atmosphere was incredibly gentle as chilled music reverberated around the space. Although guests were welcomed to discuss the designs, the general agreement was to maintain the serenity and simply observe the beauty.

The up and coming designer (who recently graduated from Central Saint Martin’s thanks to her brilliance in design), clearly possess a unique flare within her collection. Through beautiful layering of materials and the elegant use of tweed, Hellen has shown that her modern designs are on point for her Chanel-esque collection.

2013-09-14 12.58.27

The flattering shapes created soft silhouettes that exposed the back and shoulders noticeably, creating a sultry twist within the designs. The use of classic tweeds, displayed Hellen’s idea of gently lingering in the past yet moving forward with her contemporary, innovative designs.

2013-09-14 12.55.13

A futuristic element was prominent for the SS14 collection as single multi-coloured threads weaved  between a strong backdrop that featured either black or white.  The designs displayed during Hellen’s presentation for London Fashion Week were extremely feminine, paying exquisite attention to particular areas such as the neck and around the side lines of the breast area, really flattering the female form. Other designs sat beautifully around the bottom of the neck and lightly fitted across the shoulders.

2013-09-14 12.56.55

The items appeared to be so delicate but upon closer inspection it was visible that the garments had been created using a durable mesh of fabrics. The footwear from the SS14 collection followed suit in the form of weaved wedges, taking on the contemporary elements instilled throughout Hellen’s collection, utilising similar colourways as the clothing.

2013-09-16 16.23.18

The models were presented to the attendees with classic low buns without a definite parting, exposing the models’ dewy cheekbones and vivacious red lips.

The collection demonstrated an excellent combination of modern silhouettes intertwined with timeless materials. Between the contemporary atmosphere and classic designs, Hellen Van Rees allowed her guests to hold onto the past whilst moving into the present.


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