Paris, Je T’aime!


When I start to analyse my life and the opportunities that I have been presented with, I start to feel a wave of calm rushing over myself. I like to believe that I have persuaded my mind-set to become more proactive and because of this slight shift in my thinking I have been able to take the bull by the horns and control my chances. I say chance because at the end of the day, life is all about how we mould our chances or opportunities that are thrown at us – that’s all we can do. Some people like to call it luck that we are given and if that’s the case, I work bloody hard for my luck.


Adding to my blessings, I was recently able to travel to Paris with my mum to visit my dad whilst he was running a work course in the city. I quickly stopped off at the family home in the South-West of France and before I knew it I was on a plane, jet-setting to Paris-Orly. Once the on-flight panic attacks had settled, I began my decent into Paris. I’d never travelled elsewhere in France as I’ve spent most of my childhood summers in Bergerac, so this was an incredible experience for me. As a lover of fashion, this capital was the most crucial in the bunch – for obvious reasons.

Obviously, being a tourist in Paris I had to take part in all of the typical tourist activities – not that I was arguing, I was dead excited to see the Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe, Notre Dame, The Louvre, The River Seine…you get the idea!

2013-09-07 11.21.05

Happy to have landed alive!

2013-09-07 17.37.46 - Copy

The River Seine

2013-09-07 17.39.17

Accidentally stumbling across Notre Dame

2013-09-07 17.41.56

The beautiful Notre Dame

2013-09-07 18.37.16

Architecture in Paris is amazing

2013-09-07 19.13.54

The Louvre at sunset

2013-09-07 19.15.19

Being a typical tourist

2013-09-07 22.10.45

You can see why it is seen as the city of romance

2013-09-07 23.14.18

At Lovers’ Bridge without my love

2013-09-08 10.51.25

Paris attire

2013-09-08 14.20.40

I spot it!

2013-09-08 14.23.29

The incredible Tour Eiffel!

2013-09-08 14.40.14

Having a Parisian coffee

2013-09-08 16.08.24

Strolling around

2013-09-08 16.13.37

It was a beautiful day to be aimlessly wondering

2013-09-08 16.21.56

I don’t want to leave

2013-09-08 16.29.45

Grande Palais

2013-09-08 16.57.36

A huge building for Louis Vuitton

2013-09-08 17.28.57

French Onion soup

2013-09-08 18.14.48

There it is! Arc De Triomphe

2013-09-08 18.15.59

On cloud 9

2013-09-08 18.18.22

Walking down Champs Elysees

2013-09-08 19.05.16

Paris I will be back

Since my trip and completely falling in love, I intend to return one day and never come back.


2 thoughts on “Paris, Je T’aime!

  1. Ah what would I do to get close to Paris. I had lived in England for a bit was alittle too young to travel on my own. Parents never cared to go there lol. I am happy you got to experience Paris. Btw…I have the same scarf as you. I haven’t worn mine yet waiting for it to get a bit chillier over where i live 🙂

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