Aztec Attack

I think that I’ve just fallen in love…
image (1)
Recently, I ‘accidentally’ ran into a Topshop sale. The obvious thing to do  (me being me), was to…shop. Unsurprisingly, I found these awesome Aztec print joggers. They were incredibly comfortable so I had to grab them before someone else did. In all honesty I was doing everyone else a favour by saving them the money! 

image (2)

I paired the joggers with my black canvas boots and a black silk front T-shirt to dress them up a little bit. At the moment, with some of my lackluster outfit choices, I’m running the risk of looking a little unpolished. As I didn’t want to risk it this time, I tried to casually dress the joggers up and I like to think that it worked.
image (3)
You can imagine the amount of times I’ve wanted to wear these badboys out. The print and colour combination is awesome! Funnily enough, the most trouser envy has come from men. Perhaps they’re a little jealous that they can’t pull it off – I’d love to see them give it a go though!
In my opinion, a sale is the best way to refresh your wardrobe. There’s so many trends to follow at the moment; Tartan, Dusky Pinks, Tweed, Punk, Sport Luxe and so on, that occasionally it’s far too expensive to keep up! Grabbing a few bits in a mid season sale can provide a much cheaper option! 

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