October Outfit Grid

At university most of the time I struggle to understand the simple concept that is ‘human dignity’. This can be seen at times when I stroll into lectures sporting an old baggy top and a holey pair of leggings that are well past their sell by date. For some reason, I’m not really bothered by this ‘expected conformity’ to look presentable. In my opinion, a couple of hours spent in a lecture hall in replica PJs won’t kill me!Β Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up when I actually HAVE a life. In the mean time of course, I’ll theoretically wear my outfits. Enjoy!

image (15)
image (4)

image (11)

I’m thrilled with this spontaneous purchase! H&M provided me with this lovely metallic layered necklace. I’m awful at accessorising usually, so this was my way of gently weaning myself off of my simplicity into the creative process!

image (14)
I thoroughly enjoy the various types of layering that this ensemble explores. The fishnet laid under fluffy fabric, arranged against the slick leather is a great contrast of textured materials. When paired together, these items truly bounce off of one another.

image (16)
image (17)

I came across this incredible leather skirt in a thrifting shop, located in central Paris during my recent trip (see my previous posts to read my about my experience). The Kilo Shop in Paris, is wonderfully affordable offering hundreds of high quality vintage items. The key is in the name of course as your total bill depends on the total weight of your shop. This little beauty cost me a mere 9 euros which is brilliant for a real leather piece! I felt like this was finally an honest way to shop, as I was able to utilise my money’s full worth.

image (18)

These classic (now scruffy), black heels were a steal at Β£30 from Zara last year. Although they’re not the most comfortable among the footwear that I own, they do look fab and go with EVERYTHING. More importantly, their classic shape means that they smarten up a dull outfit with a dose of chic. The strappy ankles are an added bonus!

image (10)

This reflective clutch was a steal, found in a New Look sale recently. I rarely shop in New Look – it’s never really my style, however when I came across this beauty I was mesmerised. The simplicity of the reflective material grabbed me instantly. Plus, it avoids the risk of clashing with any outfit, thanks to it’s beautiful minimalism.

image (19)
image (20)
image (23)

Fabulously Fluffy Cardigan – H&M

Metallic Layered Necklace – H&M

Fishnet Jersey Top – Primark

Leather Skirt – The Kilo Shop in Paris

Reflective Clutch – New Look

Classic Black Heels – Zara


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