Cold Autumn Days

The big chill…


image (17)The chill has officially arrived here in the Midlands and all of my cable-knits have been dug out from the back of my wardrobe (this doesn’t go back very far, I’m a student remember).  I’m not used to this bitter cold that the Midlands seems to possess, so I’m often forgetting to dress appropriately for the weather. I was freezing today!

image (10)

The pressures of being presentable at university always end up shoving me to the wrong end of the spectrum – hence the reason I dressed like a school girl today! These cute buckle shoes are from Topshop.

image (9)

Tartan is bang on trend at the moment. I fell in love with this vintage skirt at a shop in France. Every time I go to visit my parents I always end up in this wonderfully random second hand store (I recently found a real Moschino belt in there!!).

image (13)

My Ralphy cable-knit was bought yonks ago In Boston. Luckily, I bought it from an outlet so the price tag was rather attractive. It’s been one of the best jumpers I’ve owned – Brill quality.


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