Love layering this winter!

My winter blues have been punched in the face this week by uplifting beauty and style choices. Take a peek…


This 3 way highlighter from Seventeen has been my winter life saver. With an extremely reasonable price tag (a couple of quid), I have never been so surprised by a beauty product. I’ve tried a couple of highlighters (One being Moon Beam by Benefit) and I’ve never been knocked off my socks, until I came across THIS! With beautifully light coverage and a durable bright base, this Seventeen 3 way highlighter is incredible. Even after you have applied your foundation, this highlighter shines through in all the right places. I fractured my nose a few years ago and I have found this product to be great at creating structure in unsymmetrical places!


Who says that November is a month to wrap up? Instead, to give me warmth, I have started layering my outfits. A good pair of thick tights can make it possible to wear a dainty dress in the winter. Make sure you pair with a chunky knit (Cropped works best for dresses I think, holding onto that feminine factor) and accessorize to keep that edge.

Image-1 (2)

Image-4 (1)

Again, my Topshop buckle shoes have been great for me this winter as they’re so sturdy but they make me feel a little vintage at the same time.


Thick tights allow you to hold on to femininity. There’s no need to constantly rock jeans and heavy wear clothes. Double up on tights if it really is that bitter outside.


A good winter coat allows you to reduce the thickness of the clothing underneath. This is my favourite coat from Topshop. The faux fur keeps my neck so warm and I often find that I can get away with leaving my scarf at home.

Image-6 (1)

I love the lace detailing to this pastel print dress. I recently copped it in the Topshop sale (the only time I can afford to ever shop in Topshop) and I thought the girly detail would work well contrasted against the winter style of this outfit.


Layering is key, as you can see. I think different textures, materials and prints help an outfit to stand out among the sea of dead winter colours.

Image-8 (1)


Image-1 (1)

Accessories help me to add a bit of excitement to my wardrobe. This necklace was a great find from H&M and the heaviness of it works really well with heavy duty knits.

Love layering this winter and keep that girly edge instead of swamping yourself in shapeless, heavy ensembles.



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