Mid-week blues and Midi-rings

I recently found out that ‘humpday’ isn’t actually a day where everyone dedicates their time to a bit of … humping. Instead, apparently humpday simply refers to the middle of the working week! Usually, as a way to cure this godforsaken mid-week dread, one goes out and gets rather trollied! 


As someone who admittedly has a shopping problem, when I’m hit by the ‘mid-week blues’ it’s only natural to turn to the shops. This week I finally fell for the midi-ring trend. I refused to pay the extortionate amount that particular ‘top’ highstreet ‘shop’s were demanding. Instead I opted for a cheap and cheerful visit to Primark. 


Although I am enjoying this trend, my fellow fashionistas have failed to inform me on the lacking practicality of this trend. Yes, they look good, but if I am honest I find the rings quite uncomfortable and awkward to wear at times. The rings also enjoy regularly jumping off the ends of my fingers into the unknown abyss that is my handbag.


I digress! I do enjoy wearing the midi-rings and when you have just done your nails, it kind of makes you feel like you’re hands are no longer naked and finally have that wardrobe that they’ve always wanted. 


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