Maya Rose Boutique – Student Pamper Evening



If you love all things pretty, glitzy and girly then you must head over to the Maya Rose Boutique in Leicester. Located down The Lanes, right in the center of Leicester, the quaint boutique is crammed full with an array of stunning lovelies. I recently had the privilege of attending the Maya Rose Student Pamper Event on Thursday 28th November to blog for the evening. When the event took off, the atmosphere was enhanced by a bit of bubbly and a selection of some delicious mini cakes. I even managed to grab a make-over myself!

I stumbled across the boutique with one of my girlfriends recently and we literally fell in LOVE. There are so many frillies, delicates, prints and patterns, sparkles and aromas that are certain to entice you. The Maya Rose lingerie selection is simply stunning. With the option to customise your own delicate lingerie set, you can stroll out of the boutique holding a personal set of bespoke underwear. Or if you’re obsessed with everything that sparkles, the boutique offers some beautiful, dainty accessories. Maya Rose boasts a vast collection of charm bracelets, traditional pearl accessories and classic silver earings. After all of that, you can grab a gorgeous vintage velvet jewellery roll designed by Jo Edwards.



The boutique, who is owned by the charming Jane, offered a 10% discount on all of the fancies in store throughout the student event. The pamper evening was enhanced by the delightful make-up artist Feona, and her fab Paul and Joe make-overs. We asked Feona to break down 3 simple, yet effective beauty looks that are particularly popular this season: The Smokey Eye, the Red Lip and a recent favorite, The Pink Lip.

Make Over Base

Conveniently, all three make overs use the same base, making it easy to play around with designs. For the foundation, Feona chose the Paul and Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer.


This is a great product when creating a base, as the dual functions of  a primer and a foundation, saves time, money and effort. On application, the foundation feels very light and is incredibly illuminating as you can see. Feona also enjoyed using the Paul and Joe Self Select Eye Colour in 003 for most of the make-overs as it was neutral, yet on application, it had a shimmery base which proved very complimentary.


Most importantly, as most of us will know: you cannot forget the brows! When shading either with a pencil or brow powder, a shade slightly darker than your natural brow should be used. This will allow your eyebrows to subtly stand out. You can play around with the intensity by simply applying less or more.


The Smokey Eye

This Smokey Eye requires 4 Paul and Joe Products, so it’s extremely helpful when you’re lacking in time. Considering her first client didn’t usually wear dark make up, Feona wanted to create a subtle version of the Smokey Eye. When creating a heavy look such as this, it is important to start with a base for the eyes as this enables the colour to come out and stops the make up sliding. Begin this look with a neutral Paul and Joe shimmer base – they come out quite softly, but can be built up progressively.

image (17)

Secondly, Feona used the Eye Gloss Duo  in silver and brown. The silver colour is used to spread over the entire lid and surrounding eye area, whilst the brown is spread over the lid and ever so slightly up the brow – depending on how intense you desire your look to be. After the blending has been completed, use a Paul and Joe black eyeliner along the upper lash line and underneath the lower lash line.


Using a blending brush, slowly blend out the harsh black lines, creating the smokey effect. Finally, Feona suggests using lashings of the Paul and Joe mascara.


**Key Tip For Smokey Eye: It’s all in the blending! Use your blending techniques to alter the intensity of your smokey eye. Don’t over-rely on shadows for this look, be confident enough to use a dark eyeliner instead!**


The Red Lip

The Red Lip is much simpler than the previous make-up technique, however it does require a steady hand. Although the red lip plays a key role in this look, you don’t want to run the risk of forgetting your other favourite facial features.


Feona used a navy blue eyeliner along the upper eyelid, flicking out at the end of the eye. In order to create a thicker appearance, Feona didn’t blend any lines. shortly after, the foolproof Paul and Joe mascara was used. As this look doesn’t require a particular shade of red, pick your favourite and apply with a lip brush.


Afterwards, coat with a similar colour lipgloss, et voila!

The Pink Lip

Start ignoring the conventions because pink doesn’t have to be segregated to the summer months! Just because the attention will be on your lips, doesn’t mean that you should ignore your base, so start with the same foundation tips as previously mentioned.


With this make up look the eyebrows are lightly dusted with eyebrow powder, keeping the entire eye area very low-key, keeping the focus on the luminous pink lips.


Afterwards, concentrate on the eyes using lashings of Paul and Joe Mascara in order to waken up the eye area, whilst preserving  the balance of the rest of your face.


Keeping the foundation and eyes subtle, Feona used a 305 lipstick shade, again applying with a foolproof lip brush. By using a brush you eliminate any risk of bleeding and smudging. Plus, the precision of the brush makes the process of applying lipstick so simple.


If you prefer a more matte look, opt out of any lipgloss coatings. A pink lip looks fab with blonde hair so don’t be afraid to rock it this winter!



Paul and Joe Lipstick

Not only is the Paul and Joe lipstick selection stunning, but its incredibly innovative and economical. When purchasing your first Paul and Joe lipstick, you have the choice of a selection of trendy printed cases or you can go for the standard , elegant pink and white plastic case. Once you have run out there is no need to cry! Simply purchase a top up and slip it back into your favourite case!


So why don’t you give some of these make-up trends a go and in the mean time, pop in to see Jane at the Maya Rose Boutique!

image (8)
image (1)




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