A letter for my mother…

I remember when I was little I used to stare up at my mum and ask ‘why are you always smiling!’ in an almost angry way. I couldn’t understand how someone could be smiling all the way from the car to the shops, from the shops to the street, from the street all the way home. What did they have to be so happy about that they could just smile, walking down the street? It angered me! ‘I’m just happy’ she would reply ‘I’m just smiling’. 

It’s funny as a grumpy child, going through weird transitions, you tend to dislike people around you for no reason. The smallest thing can set you off into a huff. Now, at the age of 20, I look at my mother smiling and it makes me smile. It’s infectious. I see her mouth crease up when she’s casually strolling down the streets of Bergerac, and it makes me feel good. My mother is a happy person, with a warm energy. She hasn’t changed since the times when I was so angry at my own lack of happiness that I picked on hers. She’s still the same smiling woman. 

A believer of positive energy, my mother is the main reason I started believing. My whole family would look at her like she was insane whenever she mentioned ‘the universe’ and it’s energy. We eventually stopped laughing at her (well some of us), when she transformed herself into massively happy person. Each scenario of hers would be met with positive reasoning. I soon followed trait and became obsessed with the universe and it’s frequencies. Now, both huge believers of positive energy, I feel as though are lives are ever more connected. Even though she may live in a different country, I feel closer than ever to her. 

Today is her birthday, and although I can’t be with her, there’s nothing I would want more right now. She’s more than just my mother, she’s a spiritual connection for me. Without her, I would be completely lost. I do hope she understands how much she means to me, because it enters my head every day and rarely leaves, always present just perched in the back of my mind.

Just look at how happy she is…




2 thoughts on “A letter for my mother…

  1. Love this dedication post! So heartfelt, it makes you stop and think of the important people in your life and really appreciate them. Your mother is gorgeous and her smile is infectious! Thank you for this post! Happy New Year!💫🎉🎈

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