Nicole Farhi

I’m so excited to announce that I have recently gained another internship. This time with a wonderful fashion house known as Nicole Farhi (eeeeeee!!). I will be assisting during the run up to London Fashion Week in the Press Office. Interestingly, this will be my first official admin internship and I am very eager Β to be absorbing some incredibly relevant skills. Now, you’d be wrong to assume that this internship fell directly into my lap…

After sending out multiple emails to individual designers who were listed to be participating in London Collections: Men, I received some correspondence from the Nicole Farhi press office. I was invited to work during the Men’s equivalent to fashion week as a backstage dresser. I was absolutely elated. I’d never done something like this before so I was obviously nervous (on top of that I had to deal with the fact that I would be dressing male models πŸ˜‰ ). Unfortunately, someone decided that this wasn’t my day as I was emailed a couple of days later, announcing that due to over-staffing, I would no longer be needed for the men’s fashion event. Β Within 2 days my hope had been completely raised and then absolutely obliterated. Β Although the internship wasn’t among the most important skills-wise, I was crushed. Later, I received an email alerting me that I would be placed on a type of ‘reserve list’, if any other events were to come up. I was not holding out hope.

About a week later, I received an email asking if I would be interested in participating in another type of internship! I scanned through the email over and over again, ensuring I had not mis-read anything. I calmly checked my diary and made sure I was able to realistically afford the trip down to London during university term time. I didn’t want to get my hopes up like before, so I approached the situation in a completely different manner. Perhaps the previous rejection was meant to be, as I felt a little more composed. I accepted the internship and could not believe my luck. ‘THANK YOU THANK YOU’ I thought to the Universe! I think that this opportunity will be beneficial, on top of my previous experience, providing me with some relevant skills to work upon in the fashion world.

My internship will be spread over 4 busy days in February prior to LFW, spent in the city of London. I will of course be blogging about my progress over the course of my internship (intending to remain as honest as possible).

As my internships begin to stretch over longer time periods and teach me increasingly valuable lessons (both life lessons and work related lessons), my determination and drive appears to increase after each opportunity is seized. Slowly, this idea of ‘the big bad world’ presents itself as something that is completely within my own control. I am a huge believer that your life choices are in your own hands a vast majority of the time. It’s about making the best of the cards that you have been dealt with.


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