Cuban Dream

Although I may not feel it at the moment, I really need my seemingly destructive mind to acknowledge the fact that I have been presented with some incredible opportunities in these recent months. Not too long ago, my boyfriend and I were blessed with the news that we would be watching his father get re-married over the summer…in Cuba. Cuba! I cannot contain my excitement for this wonderful trip that patiently awaits us. By the sounds of it, it will be a huge (very scouse) occasion. After an incredibly turbulent year for us both, the idea of a long haul holiday seems like a dream. Every other day I wake him up with a text simply stating ‘Cuba’, then during the other days I will annoy him with the exact remainder of days that we have until our trip (wouldn’t you?). He doesn’t seem too bothered because it just reminds him of what is waiting for us. I’m trying to unsuccessfully ignore the fact that I am petrified of flying and this will be my first long-haul trip in about 5 years.

Cuba seems to be the perfect destination for us due to it’s warm Caribbean location and it’s masses of Cuban culture. If you’re like me and you detest sunbathing for too long a period, then a cultural location is great due to its insightful distractions. Although I am mixed race, I like to see myself as being aware of the sun’s damaging rays. Although my skin can take more than your average Brit’s dose of sunshine, at times it’s even harder to tell when I have burnt until the painful aftermath (where I usually regret the hot shower – ouch!). I’ll be sure to pack plenty of beauty essentials to keep my skin in working order. 

The trip is 5 months away and my wardrobe ideas are bursting at the seams. I’ll be sure to create an ‘essentials’ blog post shortly. Yesterday, I purchased my first wardrobe essential for my trip (it’s essential to me ;)) These printed shorts were only £3 in Primark. The silky effect will be great for a bit of ventilation during those humid summer nights. I’m thinking of pairing them with a black crop top during the night and a loose fitting t-shirt during the day, throw in a statement necklace and I’ll be on my way – It’s Cuba, I need an excuse to pull only my best bits from my wardrobe! 

photo 5

The first piece to my Cuban wardrobe

photo 4

I love the bohemian style print on these shorts

You like?


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