100 Happy Days

At the moment, I’m trying to actively improve my life for the better. Through a stronger, more positive mental attitude and by simply highlighting more pros than cons in my life, allowing the good to simply outweigh the bad.

Yesterday, I saw one of my Facebook friends had shared a challenge named ‘100 Happy Days’. The challenge is designed to encourage you to upload 1 picture a day (for 100 days), to whatever social media platform you prefer (I opted for instagram as it seemed the most fitting), regarding something that has made you happy that day.

The image can be something really simple, as long as it has made you happy in that moment. For example, an image of your bed after a long day at work or the sun shining in the sky can be enough to allow you to crack a smile. 

‘How will something this small create such a supposedly large impact on my happiness?’ you may ask. By highlighting small positives, day in and day out, you will implicitly begin to inject rays of positivity into your life. By appreciating more, you tend to let all of that negative stuff, fade away into the background.

I’m planning on uploading my images onto my blog, to spread the happiness onto another platform.

Here’s my first day – A beautifully fresh, Leicester morning sky. It’s safe to say that I stuck my head out of my bedroom window this morning, just to simply inhale that wonderfully fresh morning air.


Day one: A beautifully fresh, Leicester morning sky. Take a deep breath.

Will you follow me on this challenge to a happier life? Not having enough time to ‘be happy’ is a ludicrous thought. Spare ten minutes a day to improve your own mental state of mind! Try it!



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