If I could have one wish…

Trainers, sneaks, kicks – whatever you want to call them, have been steadily climbing every fashion ladder that is relevant at the moment. This year at London Fashion Week, we saw how women could transform classic ensembles into incredibly contemporary articles. All by throwing on a pair of wicked trainers.

I fell in love with trainers after I received my first pair as a gift from my very kind (and fashion focused) boyfriend – limited edition, paisley Liberty print, Nike air max 1’s. Ever since, I’ve been drooling over various quirky designs. As a woman, you almost feel pressured to have to be able to ‘rock’ a pair of heels. But…What IF you can’t actually walk in heels? Then what? Well, this is why I fell in love with trainers because their practicality is perfect for every day (and those who refuse to totter around in heels) and their intricate designs can be bold enough take centre stage in any outfit.

I still get strange looks occasionally when I decide to wear vans on a night out or trainers to a not so casual event, but as long as the rest of your outfit plays the part, then what’s the fuss? Fashion is evolving and transforming rapidly, so these ‘can and can’t or do and don’t’ boundaries are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Take a look at some of my fav’s…


Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Multicolor


Asics Gel Lyte III


Air Jordan 11


New Balance 574


Nike Air Thea


Nike Free Runs 3


Nike Air Max 90s


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