Summertime and the living is easy

This year, my spring coats with lovely (but very inconvenient) 3/4 length sleeves just haven’t succeeded in completing the simple task that is: keeping me warm.

In the hopes that I would find something suitable in the recent, overwhelmingly large sales, I’ve been extending my search for an appropriate winter jacket into the spring months. I’ve searched for everything, from parkas and bombers to ski jackets (massive faux pas I know!).

Whenever I seem to drop into conversation that ‘I really need a warm winter jacket’, I’m met with responses stating that ‘that would be silly because it’s going to warm up soon. Before you know it, it’ll be summer’. It’s almost as if every individual that lives in England, experiences mass amnesia right before the new summertime. Whereas in my head I’m thinking ‘ENGLAND IS COLD ALL THE TIME’.

Thanks to the highly impetuous fashion seasons, retail isn’t allowing me to purchase a winter coat either, as it seems we are now fully into spring/summer attire. Thus, I folded and began contemplating my summer wardrobe.

I am a huge lover of dropped hem’s – another piece of clothing that reminds me of my childhood. This striped version from Topshop is perfect for the summer (It’s quite short but then again I’m quite tall).

DSC_0095What do you think?


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