Become a Mac Pro with Mac Pro Longwear Foundation

I’m a firm believer in purchasing particular make-up items in terms of quality rather than quantity. There are numerous make-up purchases that can definitely be made on a tight budget, but foundation in my opinion, is not one of them. To be fair, there are some great foundations out there that don’t even cost an arm and a leg and this Mac Pro Foundation sits nicely in the average pricing brackets for foundation at an RRP of £25.


My favourite foundation at the minute, is the Mac Pro Longwear foundation with SPF 10 (very important!). My mum gave me the dregs of her last bottle and luckily it was a great match – plus, it really goes a long way with about a quarter of the foundation lasting me just under 6 months. Although the foundation comes out slightly darker than my own skin tone – but not too much that I ended up looking umpa-lumpa-esque, the foundation felt extremely light. I rarely wear make-up in the day, but when I do I need something that feels as  if it’s not even there – impossible demands I know. But, Mac’s creation seems to suit my skin needs.

I possess that annoying half-oily, half-dry skin which is why I tend to steer clear of powders (unless placing on top of a foundation). After using a nice, moisturising primer, I feel that my skin is balanced out as well as it can be.


The foundation offers great coverage which is primary. Secondly, it feels light which I feel is important as this allows your skin to carry on functioning, enabling it to breathe. I have definitely fallen asleep in this foundation many-a-time and rarely do I awake with blemishes, which as a student is important! Also, the foundation comes off very nicely when using  moisturising face-wipes or toning/cleansing combos.


I got the foundation in the NC40 shade, which was slightly darker than my own skin tone. When I went into Mac to get a skin match, the actual shade that they chose for me was too similar to my own colouring, to the point where you may not even notice I had much on (not great either for summer months when I tend to tan quite quickly). I know the entire purpose of wonderful foundation, such as this, is to represent your skin’s most natural state, however by choosing a slightly warmer shade, you avoid washing yourself out. So, I opted for the darker tone that my mum had originally given to me. I know it’s a make-up ‘no no’ to accept foundation donations, especially from people that have a different skin tone to you, but because the coverage isn’t super intense, it sits really nicely on the skin and still felt matched to my yellow undertones.

I tried out the foundation with 2 primers: 1 Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and 1 Seventeen 3 Way Highlighter Primer – both differing in prices, with the Seventeen primer being much more economical. Surprisingly, because of it’s wonderful highlighting qualities, the Seventeen primer helped to illuminate the skin from under the Mac Pro Longwear beautifully.


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