Making my mark….

I’ve never been someone to have a certain perfume that I can call my ‘signature scent’. I’ve played around with various scents and most of time I fall in love with all of them. At the moment I’m experimenting with a handful that I have been bought over the Christmas period, which is great because it means I can switch it up every now and then, refreshing my palette.

My favourite perfume is tied between the Givenchy ‘Amariage’ and the Narciso Rodriguez ‘for her’ scents. I find them both to be quite musky, which is something I love because it seems to give that sense of clinging on to skin and fabric, rather than just bouncing off – and that it does. Although, like everyone I begin to lose the actual notes of the perfume the more I tire the bottle, but I’m reminded whenever I wear the same scarf or top that still holds the scent well.


Narciso Rodriguez is wonderfully musky, based around rose scents. This is an aroma where my love will never cease, it’s a staple that I will re-purchase again and again. With amber and woody notes, this has become my ultimate perfume. It’s a no fuss, elegant essence.


Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a new perfume for me. Still retaining a musky side, this scent is much more fruitier compared to Narciso, but it retains a beautifully feminine element. With ascents of jasmine and violet petals, this perfume comes across as being quite florally rich. I’m definitely enjoying this perfume and funnily enough whenever I wear it, I tend to get compliments on the smell!


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