I do love a bit of Spring Lippeh!

It’s quite funny just how persuasive the media and it’s various platforms can be when it comes to beauty. I try to convince myself that ‘I will be resilient when I read my magazines’ and ‘I will not have the desire to abandon my house, magazine in hand, intending to wipe the shelves of Boots, Benefit, Mac, Bobbi Brown, NarsΒ and so on.

Instead, I thought I would be sensible and see what I already own, in the hopes of refreshing my beauty collection, potentially stumbling across something ‘I forgot’ – it’s not as fun mind!

Β Upon tragically emptying my huge beauty box, I came across various brands, ranging from Rimmel to Clinique. Funnily enough, some of them were painfully similar to the ones that I intended to purchase shortly, clearly this was due to my ‘lack of make-up’.

So here I give you 5 of my Spring favs:

1). Rimmel


2). Topshop


3). 17


4). Clinique


5). Barry M


First up on the swatches, we have the beautifully bright Topshop shade. Although on the back of my hand this tone seems to compliment my skin colour quite well, on my lips it can look a little Barbie doll esque. The consistency of this Topshop Lippy is quite think and blocky, so I dab it on very gently in order to build up the colour gradually. Great for summer and vintage looks.

Next, we have my favourite from Rimmel. This recent purchase is my ‘going out’ Lippy, as it’s brown tones work really well with heavy make-up and . With a lovely creamy consistency, this Lipstick glides on well and only needs a couple of coats to reach the full colour.

Thirdly on the swatches, we have 17 –again, another fab lipstick for nights out. The vampy red tone is quite strong once the colour is built up. With smokey eyes this lippy can be incredibly striking. Another lovely texture with this lipstick as well, leaving the lips feeling anything but dry.

Next, a lovely day-time suited lipstick from Clinique. This one has quite a balmy and glittery base so it comes out relatively glossy. Due to the absence of heavy colour, this is great for toned down make-up during the day. It’s a beautiful lipstick which I wear to work quite often, but because of my olive skin tones, sometimes it struggles to show off it’s colour on my lips due to their naturally brown tone.

Lastly, a vibrant lipstick from Barry M. In my opinion, this apricot tone would be more fabulous on dark skinned girls as it’s a shade that doesn’t sit well with my olive complexion. Like the Topshop lipstick, the consistency is a little thick and difficult to apply without caking it on. At times this product can cause my lips to dry out.


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