Struggling to find the reason

I don’t think everybody agrees with the idea of everything happening for a reason – I certainly do. Recently, in the past 6 months of my life, I have experienced times when I have struggled to find the reason for that event occurring. As resilient as we are, as human beings, we grow and we learn from that experience.Β 

For instance, when my recent internship with Nicole Farhi was aborted due to travel complications (thanks floods), I learnt not to get my hopes up with every opportunity and maintain a level of reality when dealing with a situation like that. Unfortunately, that night my boyfriend became quite ill and needed to go to hospital, so there’s a little intuition within that tells me I was supposed to miss that internship to make sure he was ok. So, when I obtained another internship (due to start in April with a publication), I looked at the scenario in a completely different light.

I do think it’s a little sad that I try and suppress my excitement for something until it actually happens, but this way the fall doesn’t hit you so hard if anything pushes you off the edge. I’ve learnt not to be lulled into a false sense of security. But most importantly, I’ve learnt (which at the time can be hard) to understand that something else WILL come along – this is the hardest part.


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